Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eid Al-Adha- Feast of the Sacrifice

As promised last time I will explain a little about the holiday that we had in Egypt from October 14-17. In English is known as The Feast of the Sacrifice. This is a very important holiday for Muslims, it originated when Abraham follow God's command to sacrifice his first born Ismail. Since both Abraham and Ismail were willing to go with the sacrifice and follow God's command, before Abraham could sacrifice his son God stop him and provide it a lamb to be sacrificed instead. Muslims honored this by sacrificing animals and feeding their families as well as the poor during this holiday.

The day before the holiday starts Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, the first day of the Eid Al-Adha they go to Mosque to pray the first prayer. After this everyone goes visit family and of course prepare to eat the animal they bought. Also very important here is that in this time Muslims that can afford to do so go to Pilgrimage (Hajj). The person goes to Mecca and does a series of things like rounding the Ka'baa seven times, drinks from the well of Zamzam and a few other rituals to get closer to God. As my understanding is like going on a quest and forgetting about everything while you try to get close to God.

I have given you a little bit of the holiday as I understand it, if something is missing or wrong please I apologize. Saying that I must explain how things really are in Egypt when this holiday is here! First off weeks and day before this day you can see places were you can buy sheep's and goats. Funny thing is you see the animals in the cars with the people! Some even leave them outside their house and stuff is really funny.

They eat meat all this days! Seriously you wake up and all you smell is meat! Is like a carnivore festival! LOL I know this is weird since I'm a girl and all but I absolutely love meat! My Habibi bought a huge cow shoulder that we eat for like three days. For some it may sound barbaric but is absolutely not is a safe thing and no animals are harmed in any way. Is just like the old times you know, you hunt and kill what you eat. Also you see they sell this little sheep toys that are just so adorable! Even they make e-cards with them saying Happy Feast.

Anyways that is basically what we do during this holiday. Is a very religious and family oriented time. Is a time to get close to God and to give to those who are less fortunate.

Thank you for reading and following me! 

Eid Al-Adha- Feast of the Sacrifice


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