Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back from vacation...

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I wrote and so much has happened that I have no idea were to start! Right now we are celebrating Eid Adha Holiday in Egypt. Is a very important holiday I will explain in a later post. I just want to share with you a few things. I have been stuffing my face with all types of food and to my surprise there were a few things I didn't even knew existed!

For example this bread called Fatir is so freaking good! Is like a mix between puff pastry flakiness and some soft and buttery layers! Oh my! I just want one right now! Is very good and honestly you can just eat it alone. You can find this bread on any bakery. I am so hooked on this bread, seriously I call my husband just so he can pick it up before coming home.  Here is a picture of the bread.

Since my habibi knows how I love food and how I like to try new things, he introduce me to two new fruits, I didn't even know existed and we had to google them for the translation to English. Here is a picture of the first fruit is called and known by the following names; Indian fig opuntiabarbary figcactus pear and prickly pear.  Is a little sweet and slimy but overall is surprisingly refreshing. You don't eat this fruit you just swallow! Is very dangerous to try and cut it yourself, usually you buy it and someone cuts the part that can hurt you. This fruits comes from cactus. Surprising, right? I thought so, I mean cactus are just green and all spiky! Who knew that they produce such a nice and refreshing fruit? If you want to know a little bit more about the fruit here is a link to Wikipedia Opuntia ficus-indica

The other fruit that I had the pleasure of trying is the Persimmon in Arabic they call it Kak√° which in Spanish well let's say I started laughing when my habibi told me the name of the fruit. He just looked at me and said is a nasty word in Spanish isn't it? To what I just laugh twice as hard. Anyway after that I tasted the fruit, is so soft, you turn it upside down and push to the tip until it comes out so you can eat it. Is very sweet but the consistency is unusual  is almost as if you are tasting a very hairy mango. Is good but is not like I'm dying because is soo good. But it was a very nice treat and is a seasonal fruit. Here is more information about it and of course a picture Persimmon

I will be posting very soon again and letting you in on my chaotic life with my two cats! Thank you for reading and following me! 

Back from vacation...


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  1. I think we Puerto Ricans, have a special love for food, for us, it means represents family, love, caring.... its comforting. But we have to be careful to be moderate, the good stuff makes your clothes tighter lol. I love prickly pear cactus fruit! It makes a wonderful JUICE!!!! take all the skins off, I put them in a vitamix whole and blend until smooth and then put it in a strainer to take out the seeds and just get the juice. Oh MY YUM. Its kind of slimy, but its very refreshing. Be warned: The longer it sits, the slimier it gets. Also, some people boil it in big pots and use the now fuschia water, to make the juice, again straining the seeds. Personally, I think the heating of the fruit just causes it to lose most of its health benefits, if not all. That, to me, may be yummy, but oh so wasteful. This bread you like so much is similar to the Roti, I want to learn to make it though, the Egyptian way for my habibi... but he does not eat bread anyways, he says it will make him fat, and I am allergic to grains, so I just reluctantly miss out on the yummy yum yum. Think of me as you enjoy lol. I would like to know the significance to Eid, my habibi does not explain these holidays to me, even when I ask, his answer is so vague and maybe one or two sentences, he knows I will not participate in them or any other holidays so maybe he is just trying to be respectful to me and my beliefs. He has so much respect for my religion, he knows this is what makes me the woman he fell in love with. Anyways, I dont know, but my curiosity is to be well informed. Love your posts, looking forward to the next one. Mia


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