Monday, July 1, 2013

Political unrest in Egypt

Once again Egyptians are making history! Since Friday Egyptians were gathering in Tahrir Square as well as other locations all around Egypt to ask the President to abandon his position. Yesterday was the day set for this; June 30 the anniversary of President Morsi's Election. More than 20 million signatures were gathered saying that they want the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi out of the Presidency and they were not taking no for an answer.

After the Revolution Egyptians were taking no more abuse from the government and ever since the MB (Muslim Brotherhood) and President Morsi won people have been furious. The elections were hijacked so that they could win and after that the attacks an actions of the President and his allies has been beyond what the Egyptians could handle. Therefore moving Egyptians in unity once more to rally and protest against the President and the one thing that is for sure the protest won't stop until he is out! Yesterday 17 million Egyptians protested on the streets and today we are hoping for the same.

Believe it or not after all that has happened I am very happy for Egyptians to take a stand against the MB and the President this people are really terrorist! The way they handle things and the way they view Islam is an embarrassment on it self! Yesterday the police caught a lot of MB people with weapons and ammunition to fire against the people peacefully protesting. The news don't give you what exactly is going on in the country and knowing that MB has people in powerful places controlling what goes out helps gives the wrong message.

For those of you wondering is it safe to go to Egypt? Every foreign country has issued a warning over flying and to be honest is the truth. If you want to come for Vacation is not the best time I suggest you change your vacation. Now if you are here like me, do not worry. You are safe as long as you are in your house not on the streets! If you are with the protesters well is at your own risk. I say this with all honesty and I hope that some would listen. If you want to go to protest and be a part of history at least try to blend in. Do not call attention to yourself and try to be surrounded by people you know that are locals.

Going solo is kind of crazy so I do not recommend that one. If you are a woman please be extra careful and check on Twitter for the safest location. They are people in Tahrir who offer space against the sexual harassment so look it up. Everyone communicates via Twitter while in the protesting  is the best. I can say for myself I am safe and far away from the protests. I am happy with what is happening my friends and my other family are Egyptians and believe me if the people don't fight for this country now is going to be too late!

The Revolution marked a new beginning and if the people let Morsi in the Presidency Egypt will be far worse than it was when Mubarak's Regimen was in office. So to the Egyptians I say good luck and keep going strong! To Morsi I think he should seek asylum somewhere else because people want him out no matter what.

Little intense huh? Oh well that's what happens when you live somewhere and you see the injustice and how people want their country to be successful only to have the Government sinking it with stupid ideas and bad management. For telling the people that they have Democracy only to arrest those who opposed to anything said to the President!

I leave for know with a good hope that today people will win and that tomorrow (that is the deadline for President Morsi to quit) I will see Egypt with new hopes!

 Photo by AP AMR/Nabi

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Political unrest in Egypt


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